Vanguard Life Assurance, A Trusted Insurance Partner in Ghana

Vanguard Life Assurance: A
Trusted Insurance Partner in Ghana

If you are
living in Ghana and you chance upon this information on the internet, be
grateful because this is just the information you need to help secure the rest
of the future ahead of you. Once you a Ghanaian and you are worker; both
private and government, there is one thing you should never ignore and you
should ever run after since it is the fulfilment of all your toil. Insurance is
very important for every Ghanaian who makes a monthly income, weekly income or
even daily income. In this daily endeavors, chances that we may encounter
accident or even natural disasters are unknown and this makes it very important
to have an insurance coverage in Ghana.

Personal Accident Insurance

One of the best
and reliable insurance companies in Ghana is the Vanguard Life Assurance company. It is one of the oldest and grounded insurance firms on
the markets of Ghana. It holds its pride as the first private insurance company
that evolved from the land. It was founded in 1974 and has since then, evolved to
be one of the best insurance firms in Ghana; serving lot of people with the
best and affordable insurance policies. In this article, we will discuss Vanguard
Life Assurance, their insurance policies, insurance claims and any other
information that should be accessible to Ghanaians about Vanguard Life Assurance.

Life Assurance is a subsidiary of the Vanguard group of companies with much
focus on non-life insurance policies. With over 5 decades on the insurance
markets of Ghana, Vanguard Life Assurance has gathered the expertise and
experience to deliver what is most suitable for their customers. Being a
private insurance firm, it does not take that advantage to make more profits without
making sure there are smiles on their customers’ faces. They are customer-centric
and they exist because of their Ghanaian customers.

Vanguard Life Assurance offers some of the
useful and important insurance policies for the good people of Ghana. Their
policies have a wide coverage including liabilities and risks. Some of these
policies include, motor insurance, travel insurance, and personal accident
insurance. Motor insurance is the insurance that covers the protection of the
private and commercial vehicles of the customers. Most at times, incidences
like accidents, and theft issues may hit car owners by surprise but when you
have insured your vehicle with a reliable insurance firm like Vanguard Life
Assurance, there is nothing to fear as the clause stated in the policy
agreement for motor insurance has been met hence, the company would take responsibilities
and make sure the customer is back on his feet with either a new car or well
repaired one.

Travel insurance is also one of the wonderful
policies offered by Vanguard Life Assurance. There are some businesspeople who
normally go on business trips. Sometimes, these trips may be so expensive that
it may put such businessperson at bankrupt especially when there is no
insurance agreement. However, when you have a travel insurance with a company
like Vanguard Life Assurance, you don’t need to fear the huge cost involved in
your trips as the company would make sure they have a part to play in ensuring
a successful business trip for you. It is not always about business trips as vacation
trips are all included in the travel insurance policy.

Personal accident insurance is also one of the
insurance policies that is recommended to everyone as to whether you are
working or not. Accidents are bound to happen anywhere and anytime. You can
even slip at the washroom or even cut yourself unintentionally with a knife;
they are all accidents which can be covered by an insurance company like Vanguard
Life Assurance. They would make sure you receive a good medical care or
treatment once you have an accident. There are other insurance policies like
marine insurance, fire insurance and liability insurance.

Vanguard Life Assurance is noted for its
prompt and fair insurance claim processes. One thing customers consider most at
the time is the insurance claim processes of an insurance firm. As stated
earlier, Vanguard Life Assurance has been in the insurance profession for quite
a while and understand what it just means to be stranded when processing a
claim, this is why they have a laid down measures to ensure a transparent and
fast insurance claims.

Vanguard Life Assurance has won some good
number of awards over the years like the Ghana Club 100, the Ghana Business
Awards and the West Africa Business Excellence Awards. Aside these awards,
customers have good review in terms of their services and even though such
claim as to whether it is one of the insurance companies in Ghana may be
subjective, all these evidences can also indicate that indeed, Vanguard Life
Assurance is one of the best insurance companies in Ghana.

Aside the above stated insurance policies of
Vanguard Life Assurance, it also offers home and renters insurance for home
owners and renters. They help people to secure their properties from
unpredictable circumstances.

The choice of insurance to sign up for at
Vanguard Life Assurance is always a decision by a customer-to-be. You need to
consider your needs and choose the right insurance policy.

Vanguard Life Assurance is still active in
Ghana and still delivering good services. However, it is not the only reliable
insurance company in Ghana as others may be second choices in case you are not
a fan of Vanguard Life Assurance. There are equally great companies in the insurance industry in Ghana.

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