Esich Life Assurance and their Services in Ghana

Esich Life

There are two people in Ghana. The one who has been
insured with a reliable insurance company and the one who has not done that.
The world is very unpredictable and anything is capable of happening at any
time. Let’s assume the insured one falls ill suddenly and the uninsured one
also gets the same fate. Who is likely to perish if both of them do not have
the capacity to get a good medical care? The uninsured one is likely to perish
since he or she cannot get the required treatment on time unlike the insured
one who may be having a health insurance with an insurance company hence,
getting a good hospital care. This is a scenario of some benefits of getting
yourself insured in this unpredictable world especially in Ghana.

Do not go in for any insurance company at all; you
must enroll with a reputable and reliable insurance company in Ghana. Esich
Life Assurance is one of the companies which is trusted to be offering reliable
and affordable insurance services in Ghana. In this article, we will explore Esich
Life Assurance, about this insurance company, its insurance policies, insurance
claims and other important information about Esich Life Assurance.

Esich Life Assurance is one of the leading insurance
companies in Ghana. Esich Life Assurance was established with a priority to
providing financial security for their customers in Ghana. Esich Life Assurance
is customer-centric and provides services that meets the requirements and needs
of Ghanaians. It operates with professionalism, integrity and credibility. It
offers a lot of insurance plans that are all essential for the life improvement
of Ghanaians.

Some of these essential insurance policies include;
life insurance, health insurance and motor insurance. In every family home in
Ghana, there is always a breadwinner or family head who takes care of the
family. Now, what if this person passes on at any time? Who would resume his
responsibilities? That would be very tough for the family and this is why Esich
Life Assurance offers life insurance for family heads like fathers and mothers
to insure their family from unforeseen reasons like death or any calamity. A
customer selects a beneficiary who is a family member that would receive a
compensation when the customer passes on. The compensation is enough to sustain
the family as the family can invest in businesses with that capital.

Aside life insurance, take health insurance as a
priority if you are in Ghana. Your health should be very important to you and
one way of ensuring that is to sign up for a health insurance at Esich Life
Assurance. The company would take care of the hospital bills whenever you go
for medical care. Motor insurance is for customers’ private and commercial
vehicles. Vehicles are bound to many uncertainties like theft, breakdowns and
accidents. It is therefore important to insure your vehicle with Esich Life
Assurance, who would compensate the customer whenever any of the clauses is

Is insurance claims one of your challenges for not
signing an insurance policy with any insurance company? At Esich Life Assurance,
this issue is already solved as there are measures which ensures a smooth
insurance claim for customers. Customers must however, go along with proofs
when submitting a claim for approval.

Is Esich Life Assurance one of the best insurance
companies in Ghana? Yes, it is one of the best insurance firms in Ghana.
Considering some factors like its unique insurance policies, efficient and
smooth insurance claims, and responsive customer service, it is deemed right to
project Esich Life Assurance as one of the best in the insurance industry in

Esich Life Assurance offers home and renters insurance
that protects home owners and renters from any possible disaster or

Everyone can sign up with any insurance policy at Esich
Life Assurance. The choice is always a personal decision one must take. You
need to consider your situation and the plan that can take care of your
situation as well.

Esich Life Assurance has earned a lot of
reputation in Ghana and has emerged as one of the insurance companies with
Ghanaians at heart. They are still serving the good people of Ghana.

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